Our team at Levitt-Safety gets a lot of questions about how to stay safe when working at heights.

Sometimes we explain it in a high level of detail, like when we answered the 5 most popular fall protection questions on the internet.

Other times, we explain it by showing you what not to do. This is one of those times.

We headed to the OSHA subreddit to bring you the best of the worst examples of unsafe working practices.

Can you spot the safety fail in each of these photos? (It won’t be hard)

This one is not an optical illusion – it’s a slip over an open staircase waiting to happen.
Oh, the irony...
You’re supposed to stand in the basket, not on it.
An awful (and literal) example of living on the edge.
A kind reminder that Canadian weather is not a solid foundation to support scaffolding.
Note that both of the platforms are on wheels
And a conveyor belt isn’t any better…
At least he's wearing a harness on this homemade cantilever, I guess?
This makeshift Eiffel Tower is going to look more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa once someone climbs on.
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While all these photos are troubling, the award for king doofus goes to this guy:

The safe way to work at heights:

LOBO work platform on escalator LOBO allows you to assemble a secure workspace into virtually any configuration, shape or size in minutes.

You can build a LOBO work station independently because of its unique clamping design. You don’t need extra tools, specialized training or to hire outside help to put it together.

It’s cost-effective, versatile and safe.

You can feel confident and secure working at heights with LOBO as it meets all the current safety legislation.

It’s used by breweries, the London Underground and even NASA to meet their working-at-heights needs. You can read more about those success stories here.

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