Here at Levitt-Safety we get a lot of questions about working at heights – especially in tight and awkward spaces. While we could try to explain why using a portable work platform system such as LOBO is always preferred over a ladder or traditional scaffolding, we know that pictures speak a thousand words. We headed to Reddit’s OSHA feed to bring you the best of the worst examples of unsafe working practices.

Can you spot the safety fail in each of these photos?

This one’s not an optical illusion – it’s a slip over an open staircase waiting to happen

Dangerous ladder



The irony

Unsafe work practices



You’re supposed to stand IN the basket, not ON it

unsafe work practices

An awful and literal example of living on the edge

dangerous working at heights

A kind reminder that Canadian weather is not a solid foundation to support scaffolding

snowy scaffolding


Note that both of the platforms are on wheelsLadder danger


And a conveyor belt isn’t any better either…

unsafe ladder situation

PPE is great… but a hi-viz vest and harness won’t help if there’s a miss in this situation (see reflection of the staircase below in the window)

Ladders unsafe over edge


 We have a feeling that this makeshift Eiffel Tower is going to start looking more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa as soon as a worker reaches the top

unsafe ladder platform


 Definitely not safe

unsafe platform for scaffold


 and one final clip to show the possible aftermath of using an unsafe structure…


 What’s the solution?LOBO work platform on escalator

Are you ready to hear about the safe way to work at heights? LOBO is the all-in-one platform system that allows you to assemble a secure work space into virtually any configuration, shape or size in a matter of minutes. It’s unique, patented clamping design allows workers to independently build their work station — no need for extra tools, specialized training or hiring outside scaffolding help for each new project. LOBO is cost-effective, versatile, easy to use, and, most importantly, safe. You can feel confident and secure working at heights with LOBO as it meets all of the current safety legislation and has easy handle rail instillation.

Looking for some real-life examples of how LOBO was a game changer for different workplaces? Download our new case study to learn how it helped a major Canadian brewery got ride of traditional scaffolding and finally find a secure way to work around its awkward boilers and valves.

LOBO work platform

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