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Levitt Fire Protection Systems is proud to have introduced the concept of vehicle suppression systems in Canada. For forty years we have been designing, installing, and maintaining superior and unique solutions in the vehicle suppression marketplace.

There are several reasons why large mobile and specialty equipment is susceptible to fire. Many operate virtually non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They use a host of flammable liquids including lubricating oils, diesel fuels, greases, and hydraulic fluids. As well, they generate considerable heat from engine blocks, manifolds, turbochargers, electrical components, and brake systems. When a fire breaks out, the results can be dramatic. Expensive repair or replacement is an obvious loss. Extensive downtime and business interruption can result in an even greater expense as this equipment often takes many months to replace. Most importantly, fire can mean serious injury to the equipment operator. Insurance companies are well aware of these risks, hence insurance rates are increasing and coverage for this equipment is becoming more difficult to obtain.


You’ll find LT-A-101cartridge-operated dry chemical systems on more heavy equipment than any other brand – and for good reason. These corrosion-resistant systems are designed to be reliable in the most hostile environments and operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -65° to 210°F (-54 to 99°C). Agent containers are available in 30, 125 and 250 lb. (13.6., 56.7 and 113.4 kg) capacities to fit a variety of applications. Dependable expellant gas cartridges are tested to detect a leak rate of just 1/4 oz. (7g) over 127 years!


In response to a need for a system that would provide rapid cooling capabilities, Ansul developed the LVS liquid agent system. LVS wet chemical agent is stored in 30-gallon (114L) tanks connected to expellant nitrogen cartridges. As a liquid, the LVS agent tends to flow along the same path as the burning fuel to areas otherwise not accessible to firefighters. LVS system components are corrosion resistant, built for rugged environments, and designed to operate within a temperature range of -40 to 120°F (-40 to 49°C).


For 24-hour protection, the CHECKFIRE system provides automatic detection, alarm, equipment shutdown, and fire suppression system(s) operation. Its environmentally-sealed control module is shock and vibration resistant and features a self-contained internal power-source (and/or external power connection), self-checking diagnostics, and supervised circuitry.


For the ultimate fire protection solution for “mega class” equipment we offer the ‘one-two punch’ of the time-proven LT-A-101 Dry Chemical System and the new LVS™ Liquid Agent System. This combination delivers the rapid flame knockdown and pressure fire extinguishing capabilities of FORAY® Dry Chemical... and the superior cooling effects of LVS Wet Chemical.

ISO 9001 Registered