Supplier Spotlight: LOBO Systems

The LOBO System.

“When I first discovered the LOBO System, it was a revelation, particularly because (like most people) my own experience with platforms and scaffolding was of problems with contractors and incredibly time-consuming assembly and disassembly. At last, this was a high quality product that represented a serious alternative to platforms and scaffolding that didn’t require specialist skills or tools to use and could easily be stored and transported.

Even though I was working in IT at the time, it was this that led to the birth of LOBO Systems as a business, as I felt that there were so many potential applications for the system that companies everywhere needed to start exploring it.

To this day I’ve personally demonstrated the LOBO System to literally thousands of Business People – from NASA Engineers to Health & Safety professionals to Wholesalers – and been pleasantly surprised at the creative ways our clients have found of using it to make their  businesses safer, more efficient and more profitable.”

Robert J Bokros

CEO & Owner