Industrial workers are often exposed to a wide variety of hazards like dust, debris, particulate, liquids – and even molten metals – that can result in serious eye and facial injuries if proper protection isn’t worn. You may think that wearing eye and face protection is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked!

It’s mandatory that all RX eye and face protection meets CSA-Z94.3 and ANSI-Z87.1 Standards, and should be equipped with side shields and temple length adjustments. As an employer, it’s your duty to ensure that employees are inspecting, cleaning, and replacing their lenses if damaged.

Levitt-Safety recognizes the importance of providing workers with suitable eye and face protection, while also understanding the importance of comfort and style. After all, eye protection is a very personal product for any worker – and a comfortable employee is a compliant employee.

We offer a wide variety of safety glasses, goggles, faceshields, and accessories from leading manufacturers including Honeywell, 3M, and MSA.

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