Rapid drug screening for safer workplaces

The SoToxa™ Oral Fluid Mobile Test System is designed for rapid drug screening and detection in oral fluid.

With test results in minutes, this handheld analyzer is lightweight, compact, and easy to use as part of a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy.

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Key Features:


  • Handheld, lightweight and compact.
  • Carrying case stores analyzer, printer and all components.
  • Tilt sensor ensures test quality and provides feedback to administrator when required.
    Optional car charging kit is available.

Easy to use

  • Three-step testing process.
  • Each test cartridge has a QR code to reduce user error.
  • The simplicity of the device minimizes user training requirements, allowing for fast implementation.
  • The analyzer interprets and determines the test outcome, eliminating the subjectivity of visually interpreted results.

Fast results

  • The collection device is designed for active swabbing, which speeds up collection.
  • Sample collection in 60 seconds or less.
  • Sample indicator turns blue when enough sample has been collected.

Quality control

  • When the analyzer is turned on, start-up checks are automatically activated.
  • Positive (PQC) and negative quality control (NQC) cartridges check that the analyzer is interpreting the test lines correctly.
  • QC testing can be enforced prior to each test, every day, week or two weeks.
  • Onboard sensors monitor test progress
  • Onboard heater ensures tests run at the optimal temperature, reducing variability

Data management

  • Internal storage capacity of over 10,000 tests.
  • Printer is provided.

System components

  1. Test cartridge: QR code contains lot and expiry information.
  2. Printer: Print test report at point of test or from stored results.
  3. SoToxa handheld analyzer: English and French Canadian language options. LCD colour screen is readable day and night.
  4. Collection device: Indicator turns blue to indicate a sufficient sample is collected. Collect samples in 60 seconds or less.
sotoxa system components

How the system works:

Step 1. Insert the test cartridge into the analyzer.

Step 2. Collect the oral fluid sample.

Step 3. Insert the collection device into the test cartridge.

Testing options:


Abbreviation: AMP
Target drug:
(S) Amphetamine
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 50


Abbreviation: BZO
Target drug: Temazepam
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 20


Abbreviation: THC
Target drug:
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 25

Cocaine metabolite

Abbreviation: COC
Target drug: Benzoylecgonine
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 30


Abbreviation: MAMP
Target drug: (S) Methamphetamine
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 50


Abbreviation: OPI
Target drug: Morphine
Cutoff (Ng/ml): 40

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