Equiptec mobile height-adjustable work platforms

Equiptec (formerly VRS) is a set of multi-use, height-adjustable work platforms that solve many issues your business faces.

What is unique about Equiptec:

Equiptec was originally built for a mining company where a different ladder or work platform was needed to properly service each piece of machinery. They wanted to find a solution to reach all their machines while reducing their equipment inventory. Using Equiptec they were able to service their entire fleet of machinery with just two models.

Equiptec has become invaluable in many sectors because it solves storage problems and safety concerns.

4 adjustable work platforms to choose from:

Equiptec vertical rise stairs productsEquiptec offers a variety of mobile work platforms to keep you safe in any work situation, whether your work involves building, maintaining or servicing equipment at height.

Levitt-Safety carries three models of Equiptec platforms: The Giraffe, The Monkey and The Squirrel.

Whichever platform you prefer, all Equiptec platforms feature handrails, front-gates and guardrails to give your team the ability to safely work hands-free and without the need for fall protection PPE.

The Giraffe G20

The Giraffe is the largest member of the VRS team.

  • Deck heights from 1.58m to 2.93m
  • Cantilever design allows you to reach over obstacles with a generous 1.6m platform.
  • Height adjustable with hydraulic safety valve and descent speed control valve.
  • 3 exit gates to give access to work surface off the end or either side.
  • Minimal floor footprint remains the same size for all platform heights.
  • Easy to climb with no vertical climbing required thanks to constant grade stair at any platform height.
  • Anti-sway platform locks at every step height.
  • Easy to load and transport, designed with forklift pockets in the chassis.
  • Attached handrails improve safety at all heights.

the giraffe mobile work platform working on cat D11

The Monkey

The Monkey features many of the benefits of the Giraffe, but in a compact size. This makes it well-suited to areas that don’t have a lot of room to move about like factories or workshops.

  • Available in three height options:
    • Monkey M19 5-deck model heights: 960mm to 1.9m
    • Monkey M24 6-deck model heights: 1.2m to 2.4m
    • Monkey M31 6-deck model heights: 1.9m to 3.1m
  • Height adjustment with semi-cantilevered deck
  • Steps with firm hand railing on both sides allows for a compact work platform
  • Comes in two models: a 5 deck position model and a 6 deck position model

VRS monkey with all terrain kit sitting beside a digger

The Squirrel

The Squirrel is the smallest member of the Equiptec team and is ideal for offices, facility maintenance or other compact spaces.

  • Four adjustable deck height options between 720mm to 1.4m
  • Designed to fit through standard doors, can be walked from room to room
  • Safe handrail height at each level
  • Light yet strong and durable aluminum design
  • Excellent for compact spaces

man standing on Equiptec squirrel mobile work platform at construction site

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