If a confined space requires vertical entry and there is not a fixed ladder, you’ll need a davit arm or a tripod.

A tripod is a great option for task-specific work like manhole entry. One worker can easily set up a tripod and transport it from one location to another. There are limits to the size of opening a tripod can accommodate.

A davit arm is a great option if you need more versatility. Davits have a variety of base configurations for varying job sites, as shown on this page.

Levitt-Safety carries a wide variety of tripods and davit arms from leading manufacturers including 3M, Honeywell, and MSA.

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Davit Arms


product image of 4-in-1 davit guard system

DBI-SALA® 4-in-1 System

  • Basic hoist and passive restraint guardrail system
  • Aluminum structure
  • Collapsible base
  • Standard tie-off point

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XTIRPA™ Manhole Guard System

  • Includes davit arm, workman winch, workman rescuer, two mounting brackets, stabilizer and manhole guard

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Tuff Built

tuff built pro one series davit arm

Pro-3 Series Davit Arm System

  • Designed to be small and lightweight
  • Folds up for easy movement
  • No pins needed to adjust

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3m tripod product image

DBI-SALA® Aluminum Tripod

  • 2.1 m (7 ft.) aluminum tripod
  • Telescoping adjustable locking legs
  • Built-in pulley system
  • 3-way emergency retrieval system

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product image of 3M Protecta Pro confined space tripod system

Protecta® Pro™ Confined Space System

  • 2.4 m (8 ft.) aluminum tripod
  • Telescoping locking legs
  • 15 m (50 ft.) galvanized winch
  • 15 m (50 ft.) self-retracting lifeline

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Levitt-Safety is Canada’s leader in confined space safety products and services. We carry davit arms and tripods from 3M, Honeywell, and MSA that meet or exceed local standards.

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